For a start

First of all you need to create an e-mail address through which you’ll be interacting with Biologic.diz. We recommend creating a Gmail mail account. The use of other mail services may lead to difficulties that may arise while exchanging correspondences with the company. In order to become our client, you must complete the registration procedure. To do this, fill out the short form. We do not insist that you give us your real personal data, because our investments are anonymous. Nevertheless, even if you decide to use your real name you do not need to worry about it. According to the company’s privacy policy, we never and under no circumstances transfer your personal data to third parties. The presence of a registered account is a prerequisite for each investor. With its help, you can create deposits, control your charges, create requests for profit and take part in a partnership program. If you didn't enter the address of the payment system when registering, you can add it later in your account. We recommend that you use the @GMAIL.COM email service. To open an e-account, you can register with any of the following electronic processors:
You can register with any of them of your choice The registration procedure is very simple and will take you little time. Topping up your account is a very simple process. It is important to follow the particular procedure outlined by any service.

Registering on the Company’s website.

Registering on the Company’s website. To start investing, you must first register on our website To register, click the button “Registration”. A registration form will open. You need to fill in the required fields in this form. If you didn't enter the address of the payment system when registering, you can add it later in your account. Confirm that you accept the "Agreement". Then click the "Register" button below.

Investment on the Company’s website.

You are now ready to invest. You have an email address, and created your account on our website. Now you can start investing. Log in to our website using your Username and Password; In your Account, click "Make deposit"; Check out the investment plans. Choose a suitable plan and click "Choose"; Select an e-payment system from where you want to make a deposit; Click "Make deposit"; In the window that opens, you’ll see a pre-prepared deposit order. Check all the data in it and, if necessary, make corrections by clicking «Cancel». If everything is correct, click «Continue». Next, the site will redirect you to the website of the electronic processor from where you want to make your deposit. Follow the instructions that are shown on that site.

Payouts on the Company’s website.

The server time shall be regarded as the time at which interest is calculated. The server time may be different from your local time. We recommend that you record the deposit activation time as shown in your Account profile in the "My deposits" section. If you choose an investment 15-days plan,then Within 24 hours you will be credited with the profit from the investment plan, then you can apply for a payment of funds. Log in to your account and go to the "Funds withdrawal" section. Select the payment system that you used to deposit, enter the amount available and click the "Request" button. Your money will be transferred to your account after processing the request. After the end of the investment plan, the amount of your investment will be available in your account, where you can withdraw funds or reinvest.


Affiliate Program

If you do not have the opportunity to invest your own funds, but you are interested in our project, you can use our affiliate program. The affiliate program gives you the opportunity to earn money without an active deposit. It's very simple. Log in to your profile on our website and copy the link "Referral Link". Then pass this referral link to your friends and acquaintances by offering them to them. If your friends and acquaintances register on our website through your referral link and make deposits, you will be paid a referral commission in a (A) size from $ 10 to $ 300 which will bring you a 8% reward; (B) from $ 301 to $ 2000 10%; (C) from $ 2001 and more 12%. Deposits of referrals of the second and third levels bring 2%-1%.

(A) 8%-2%-1%

(B) 10%-2%-1%

(C) 12%-2%-1%